Can Design Education Be… Speculative?
4th Istanbul Design Biennial

Curatorial Team (in alphabetical order):
Giang An, Ilaria Casagranda, Guida Ferrari Collados, Astrid Goettsch, Naiyi Wang

Graphic Designer:
Roberto Carlone

Special thanks to all participating guests (in alphabetical order):

Paola Antonelli
Jurgen Bey
Aric Chen
Meriem Chabani
Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
Cansu Cürgen
Pieterjan Ginckels
Prof Levent Kurnaz
Justin McGuirk
Ümit Mesci
Alexandra Midal
Maya Nemeta
Vera Sacchetti
Maki Suzuki
Serkan Taycan

We would like to thank all contributors:
Jana Scholze, Ümit Mesci, British Council Turkey, Istanbul Design Biennial, Çeşme Hammam and all those who have made this event possible.

Can Design Education Be… Speculative?

The first event in a six-part series of curated dinners as part of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial - A School of Schools.

Set in 2050, this project imagines a drought-ravaged future where the water source has become scarce due to overconsumption and contamination while the Turkish government acted too slow to prevent it. This has led to a limited source of water for everybody to use, leading to changes in living habits and traditions. The Hammam has always been known as a place for cleaning, purifying, and social gatherings, but it now has to change its traditional function in order to adapt to the new scenario…