I Want to See How You See

March 24 - June 4, 2023
798CUBE, Beijing

Participating Artists
(in alphabetical order):
Cai Guo-Qiang, Entangled Others (Sofia Crespo & Feileacan McCormick), Fei Jun, Gilles Jobin, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Mélodie Mousset & Edo Fouilloux, Ori Gersht

Naiyi Wang

Creative Director:
Tianchong Xue

Assistant Curators:
Tianyi Yu, Donghan Wang

Technical Coordinator:
Donghan Wang

What is a world, and how do we begin re-worlding it? The inaugural iCUBE Museum takes place at 798CUBE from March 25, 2023 to June 6, 2023, and brings artists, scientists, thinkers, and researchers from all over the world to envision the possibilities of a world to come. With its theme of I Want to See “How You See”, this inaugural edition is directed by Xiewei Song and Hera Lee, and curated by Naiyi Wang.

As the first art project of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in China, iCUBE Museum is dedicated to changing the way people experience art through revolutionary and innovative technologies that break through the constraints of space and time. The iCUBE Museum collaborates with the world's leading artists, scientists, thinkers, and researchers, creating new possibilities with cutting edge technologies that translate their creative vision into Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities.

What possibilities emerge when we imagine our world differently? The iCUBE Museum aims to envision a plurality of new worldviews, with continuous “worlding” and “re-worlding” superimposed on the real, connecting fiction and reality. As a series of S.F revealed by Donna Haraway, “the patterning of possible worlds and possible times, material-semiotic worlds, gone, here, and yet to come”. Nine world-renowned artists and scientists are consciously re-worlding the world in ways that inspire our multiple imaginations and explorations of the future. This exhibition opens with the perspectives of artists and scientists who are dreaming of shifts in our reality, and explores how they are engaging with worldbuilding, while reimagining existing worlds and creating new ones.

Their perspectives on “worlding” and “re-worlding” transcend established paradigms, while fleeting information integrates landscape boundaries and “world laws” between the real and the virtual world by utilizing virtual, augmented and mixed realities. In the current “real world” of the virtuality and reality combination, we need to accept a temporary and entangled state. The iCUBE Museum is intended to provide a pathway to explore the “possible” worlds throughout the “multi-dimensional” landscape and present a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond reality and constantly evolves between the virtual and the real, the concrete and the abstract—in this new “everywhen” given to us, you can choose how you perceive the world, and I, want to see “how you see”!

“This exhibition presents a plurality of voices and a multitude of perspectives which are perfect instruments to stimulate our perception. Another world is possible, I Want to See “How You See” tells stories about the world to come, and these new possibilities from the future that help us navigate the now,” states curator Naiyi Wang.